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Exclusive Access to the Portland adidas Employee Store

For a limited time, Chinook Book guests are invited to enjoy exclusive pricing normally reserved for adidas’ employees.

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Holiday Peace of Mind Delivered

Your holiday deliveries just got a whole lot simpler (and greener) with Legwork Local Delivery, Portland’s first 100% zero-emission delivery service. Get your first 20 delivery miles FREE!

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6 Upcycled Gift Ideas That Celebrate Their Unique Spirit

A gift doesn’t need to be brand new in order to be cherished, personal, and thoughtful. Here are 6 gift ideas from Resourceful PDX that help you honor what makes them unique while extending the life of a beloved item.

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Coupons at ReBuilding Center

ReBuilding Center

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  • 20% off your purchase at ReBuilding Center.

    Exp. 11/30/2022
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About Us

You may know us for the store, enticed by the affordable prices, or the thrill of the hunt. You may have taken a class, learning to craft a table, rewire a switch, or fix a leaky faucet. You may share our values, questioning our consumption culture and recognizing how BIPOC and low-income communities have been undermined by racist systems and gentrification. Regardless of how you know us, we hope you will join us as we work toward a world where reuse and repair are cornerstones of resilient communities and building blocks of climate justice. 

How They Meet Our Criteria

  • Self-certification - Recycled content
  • Significant Substitution Advantage - Green building products, Renewable energy, Used/salvaged

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